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Mary Glaisyer currently has two books for sale

The Special Therapeutics of Bruce Barwell - $30.00

Bruce Barwell (1941 - 2008) treated thousands of patients during his lifetime and left a large amount of information which may prove invaluable to the practising homeopath. 

" As a student and colleague of Bruce's, I commend this skilfully distilled useable repertory and clinical index for homeopaths everywhere," from the foreword by Susanna Shelton.  


                                           Homeopathy for Childbirth $20.00 

'Let your mother be your guide......'  'Don't fish for symptoms......'  'Only use the symptoms that stand out.'

This sage advice is offered in the revised version of "Homeopathy for Childbirth" by a well known and respected homeopath in the Nelson region. Mary clearly states in her introduction that 'this book is intended for the person who wants to help someone in labour....and continues to say....'its aim is to make homeopathy for childbirth accessible to an interested person'.

It's an easy read providing a basic description of the stages of childbirth and introduction to the world of homeopathy. 

   from a review by Gillian Gallacher and Anna Bannister,  Registered Midwives NZ

Please add $3.00 PP if in New Zealand. Outside New Zealand please enquire.


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